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Why Holocaust Education is Failing?

For the Holocaust to garner universal interest, it must carry a universal message!   Let’s expose our kids to Aleppo, Tripoli  and Gaza and show them the crimes that are committed by our own democratically elected governments.  Let them figure out for themselves who are the Nazis of our time.  

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Smear and Shekels

Canary Mission is indeed a nasty Zionist smear operation. We have seen similar efforts within the Jewish institutional universe for some time. It might be reasonable to opine that smear has become a new Jewish industry. Consistent with the rules of economics, many new Jewish bodies have entered the profitable business, and these outlets have competed mercilessly with each other for donations and funds.  

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Jewish Lesson on Racism

The questions we should raise today are: 1: How does the JVL, a racially exclusive Jews-only body fit with Labour’s values? 2. How Labour’s leader, a man who genuinely opposes all forms of racism, agrees to count such a bluntly racially exclusive group amongst its supporters?

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How dare anyone interfere with the Jewish celebration of an ancient tribe by drawing attention to the crimes against humanity being carried out by their modern-day kin?

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Imagine yourself Free to Conflate

A crucial question is why the so called ‘Jews in the movement,’ who are largely secular, are offended by the conflation of Judaism and Zionism? What is it that they try to hide or suppress? Is it that they aren’t as ‘secular’ as they claim to be or is it because they are actually far more Zionist than they are willing to admit?

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The Spectacular Zionist Boomerang

This week Labour party members waved the Palestinian flag en masse grasping that by now -We Are All Palestinians-like the Palestinians we aren’t even allowed to utter the name of our oppressor. The Zionist smear campaign against Corbyn and the Labour boomeranged spectacularly.

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‘Jews In The Movement’

Watching Silverstein’s Thread is a lesson in Jewish self-ghettoization. You can see how Goyim and dissenters are pushed out one after the other. Within just a few hours a vivid discussion had been reduced into an isolated corner in a remote synagogue.

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S-300s in Syria

Just a week ago, Israel shamelessly bragged that in the past two years it has carried out more than 200 strikes on Iranian-affiliated targets in Syria. This will change now. The Jewish State will think twice before it orders its pilots to carry out an attack on Syrian land.

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From Bibi to Herzl

Zionism vowed to make the Jews people like all other people. Israel promised to be the fulfilment of the Zionist aspiration. But the reality on the ground proved otherwise. It didn’t take long before Israel became ‘The Jewish State’ – a state like no other. In this talk, I present a new outlook of the Zionist project and its collapse. I can now throw new light on the most peculiar anomalies in Zionist history, such as labour Zionist brutality towards indigenous Palestinians in ’48, the rise in the prominence of the holocaust in Israel after '67 and the current manufactured antisemitism hysteria.

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The Yom Kippur Syndrome

The 73 War marked a sudden switch in the Israeli society from manic ‘hubris’ to melancholia, apathy and depression. ‘The Yom Kippur Syndrome’ can be defined as a repeated chain of events that drive Jewish societies towards an extreme irrational sense of pride, arrogance, self-confidence and blindness toward others and the tragedy that inevitably follows.

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Me Too, America

America has been metaphorically raped. It has been abused, humiliated and pushed by its so called ‘greatest ally.’ Its LOBBY has pushed America to agree to actions that have put America’s national security at risk.  

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The End of Zion

Haaretz’ poll indicates that Israel is drifting away from enlightenment. Zionism promised to ‘modernise’ and ‘civilise’ the Jews by means of ‘homecoming,’ but the Jewish state has achieved the opposite result. While Israel has transformed itself into an oppressive dark ghetto surrounded by humongous concrete walls, it is actually the young diaspora Jews who are ditching the ghetto.

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