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Welcome to Gilad Atzmon's webpage. This site provides information about Gilad's musical and intellectual activity.  

The Shabbos Goy

German human rights campaigner PhD Milena Rampoldi, the woman behind the pro- Palestinian site www.promosaik.comhas been subject to some ugly harassment in the past week. Surprise surprise, it wasn’t the Zionists, Hasbara merchants or Mossad operators who tormented her. It was a Palestinian ‘supporter.’ The following interview is sad: it reveals the heightened state of despair displayed by our thought police. The Stalinist purge culture that is symptomatic of the Jewish Left and its network of Sabbos Goyim backfired once again. Truth cannot be suppressed forever, it doesn’t even leak out; it just bursts. 

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Is Zionism Judaism?

If you ask Home Secretary Theresa May, the answer is yes!

In a unique performance of shameless pre-election arse-licking, our Theresa decided to celebrate Israeli independence day in a synagogue.     

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Hidden Agenda at Southampton University?

The following is a very important and informative piece of writing by the ultra Zionist Mark Gardner (CST). Gardner is kind enough to tell us why the Zionist community was fearful of the Southampton University Conference. But he also reveals a devastating intellectual and political continuum between the UK ultra Zionists, the PSC (Palestinian Solidarity Campaign), the Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist campaigners and even Electronic Intifada. It was pretty astonishing and disappointing to find out that our ‘solidarity’ merchants (PSC, JVP, Electronic Intifada)  ‘stood up’ for the conference and ‘academic freedom’ only when it became clear that the university cancelled the academic gathering.   I will write an extensive analysis of Gardner’s article in a few days. 

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