EU President pledges EU loyalty to Israel, Yet Bennett storms out over 'lies'

Ynet reports today that members of Bayit Yehudi party walk out of European Parliament President's speech over his 'lies'; Bennett says he won't accept untrue moral sermon, 'definitely not German'.

European Parliament President Martin Schulz told the Knesset on Wednesday that the European Union would always stand by Israel's side, in a speech that touched on the importance of remembering the Holocaust, and his own personal perspective of the crimes of his homeland Germany crimes during World War II.
But his comments on living conditions for the Palestinians prompted a mass walk-out by members of the Bayit Yehudi party.

Party leader Naftali Bennett later took to Facebook to explain that most of his faction had left due to Schulz' "lies" about Palestinian water allocations, and his use of the word "siege" in relation to Gaza.
"I call on the prime minister to demand an immediate correction in the name of honor of the State of Israel," Bennett wrote in the second of two posts on the issue. Earlier, he wrote: "I will not accept an untrue sermon on morality directed at Israel in Israel's parliament. Definitely not in German."