“The same ideology that brought carnage on Iraq and Palestine is the same ideology that makes you lose your home tomorrow.”

- Gilad Atzmon

Comparisons are said to be invidious, but in the right hands they can be very illuminating.

The toxic dust from the economic 9/11 of 2008 hadn’t even begun to settle when a perceptive observer noticed an important connection to the geopolitical fallout from the more dramatic 9/11 seven years earlier.

On September 16, Gilad Atzmon, an Israeli expatriate, told the Cambridge Forum:

“As the picture of the current economic disaster becomes ever more clear, it becomes rather obvious, to me at least, that the ideology and the people who are directly responsible for the mass killing of millions of Iraqis and the displacement of many other millions, the people who keep the Palestinians starved behind walls, are unfortunately very much the same people who are responsible for a class genocide of millions of disenfranchised Americans who are now on the brink of total dispossession.” [1]