Gilad Atzmon: The book they don’t want you to read

Here we go again:  Jewish Zionists and Jewish ‘anti-Zionists yet again join forces to burn a book that, amongst other things, explores the Jewish culture of book-burning. Is this a coincidence? I don’t think so.

It seems as if award-winning Islamophobic Harry’s Place is now so desperate to stop ‘The Wandering Who’ that they wail, Why Is The Times Selling an Antisemitic Book?”  “I am shocked and horrified to see that The Times is promoting Gilad Atzmon’s “The Wandering Who”, says one of the Harry’s Place ring-leaders.

I find myself laughing out loud. A mere thirty minutes after the panic lights started to flash, Israeli hasbara author and pro-war enthusiast David Aaronovitch was informing his fans at the Zionist cyber-ghetto that he was ‘on the case’. No doubt Aaronovitch knew exactly who to call.


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The Invention of the Jewish People vs. The Invention of Gilad Atzmon


By Gilad Atzmon

I tend to agree with Shlomo Sand that Jews invented themselves as a nation over a century ago. But it was interesting to find out this week that Naomi Wimborne Idrissi and her three Jewish Anti Zionist comrades AKA AZZ (anti Zionist Zionists) were desperate to invent Gilad Atzmon.

For me, the Jewish anti Zionists, exhibit the most amusing ideological  pathology of all Jewish collectives. On Monday morning, the Palestine Telegraph called Wimborne Idrissi and her mini clan not to picket my book launch.  Wimborne Idrissi, was, seemingly, deaf to the Palestinian call. In the evening she appeared along side another three of her comrades at the resource centre, London. They were not alone. There were another three allies who identified themselves initially as ISM but later had to admit that they were actually representing themselves and themselves only.

I actually went out of the conference centre to meet my adversaries. I wanted to invite them in to take part in the discussion. I thought to myself that if they have a valid criticism, they may well want it to be heard in public. I thought that more than anyone else, they should join the gathering and understand once and for all what my writing is all about and why more and more people regard the AZZ as the enemy within.

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Calling Out the Tribalists by KATHLEEN CHRISTISON

Gilad Atzmon captures the essence of his book, The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics, on the first page of his foreword.  The book is about the conundrums of Jewish identity—what is it; why is it special, if it is in fact special; why do the rest of us so often celebrate it; what does the fixation on it mean for Israel and for its neighbors?  He wastes no time getting to the core of the issue—which is the politics these identity issues create.  On page 1, he cites his own very rightwing grandfather, who he says knew perfectly well that “tribalism can never live in peace with humanism and universalism.”  His grandfather was an unapologetic tribal Jewish nationalist, as were virtually all of the early Zionists in Israel, and none of them had any truck with humanism or universalist notions of coexistence with Arabs or Jewish-Palestinian equality in Palestine.

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Palestine Telegraph: Israel’s top critic attacked by Jewish Group


Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: I guess that the following is very bad news for Naomi Wimborne Idrissi and her J-Big.  The Palestinian Telegraph is calling J-Big  to let go..

London, (Pal Telegraph) - A number of so-called “Pro Palestinian campaigners” are planning a picket against the musician and activist, Gilad Atzmon, in London Monday, 10/10/2011. The campaigners suggest that Atzmon is harmful for the Palestinian solidarity. However, the man is reported to be one of the leading critics of Israel and its deadly policies in the Middle East.

A group of the so-called Pro-Palestinian campaigners, Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods (J-Big) have called for a picket  of Atzmon's book launch.   Atzmon's new book, The Wandering Who,   tackles issues to do with Jewish-identity politics and  Jewish  Diaspora relationships with  Israel.

Further, it reveals a very solid fact that some of the so-called Pro Palestinian Jewish groups that support  Palestinians are actually primarily  concerned with Israel.

The J-Big’s call has been spread by a fanatic persona who is attempting to stop Atzmon criticizing Israel and its Jewish supporters.  Experts suggested that J-Big is harming the Palestinian solidarity movement in the UK as it introduces some personal internal Jewish  conflicts o the arena of Palestine activism.

Tahir Mahdi, a Palestinian activists based in London expressed his deep concern over the move of J-BIG. He thinks that their move is dividing the Palestinian solidarity in the UK.

“I think Jewish business should be discussed in-house. Jews should take their own conflicts away from the solidarity groups. J-BIG did great job to boycott Israeli goods. Now, they are deviating from their own discourse. If they have issues with Atzmon, then they should keep it away from our Palestinian struggle. I don’t understand why they are trying to hijack the movement.” Said Mahdi

Atzmon's Book Launch is scheduled tomorrow, October 10th at 7.30pm. It will take place at Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA. The launch is open for public.

Palestinian and Pro Palestinian activists are expected to attend the event.

Politics of Jewish identity By NEIL BERRY

Gilad Atzmon probes the dilemmas Zionism has created for its adherents

A fervent friend of the State of Israel, Britain's Education Secretary Michael Gove last week wrote to primary schools in the north London boroughs of Haringey and Islington strongly urging them not to participate in human rights workshops that were to form part of the first Tottenham Palestine Literary Festival.

Reacting to concerns raised by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Gove evidently concluded that participants in the festival, organized by the Haringey branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, were liable to subject children to anti-Israel propaganda. That the festival's participants included the Jewish fugitive from Nazi Germany, Hanna Braun, and the respected British Jewish poet and broadcaster, Michael Rosen, apparently weighed with him not at all. 

Not that Zionists are ever likely to view the Palestine Solidarity Campaign with equanimity, no matter how many Jews join its ranks or how impressive their moral credentials might appear. Indeed, in Zionist eyes, Jews who support to it are merely providing evidence that they belong to that basest of categories, the “self-hating Jew.”  

What would have been the alarm of the Board of Deputies if the participants in the Tottenham Palestine Literary Festival had included Gilad Atzmon, the expatriate Israeli jazz musician and writer who positively flaunts his identity as a self-hating Jew and who has just published a powerful new book, The Wandering Who?, which anatomizes attitudes of Jews toward themselves and their fellow human beings.

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Red Scribblings: The Blundering Who? (A Marxist Perspective)

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon:  This is a thought provoking reading of The Wandering Who from a Marxist perspective. It certainly proves that Left ideology can still produce an intellectual insight.

Gilad Atzmon_DSC0108b


Gilad Atzmon’s first substantive political book has caused a significant public controversy, particularly as it has been published by Zero Books, a well known publisher of what could perhaps be cynically dubbed as radical chic, works by various up-and-coming left-wing intellectuals and thinkers. A number of other authors have protested against its publication, accusing Atzmon of being close to a Nazi and certainly a Holocaust Denier. Aztmon, a very outspoken and passionate opponent of the oppression of the Palestinians by Israel, the country of his birth, is one of a small fringe of radicalised pro-Palestinian Israel Jews, who have not only rejected Zionism as a project necessarily involving the expulsion of the native Arab population of Palestine to make way for Jewish settlers, but have also drawn conclusions about the nature of ‘Jewishness’ as an identity. These appear to be a mixture of sometimes useful, sometimes off-the-wall criticisms of the notions of Jewish ‘nationhood’ or identity explicit in Zionism and Atzmon argues, implicit in other Jewish, secular political trends, with much more dubious extrapolations about 19th and 20th Century history, and particularly the persecution and massacre of Jews by Nazi Germany.


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Roy Ratcliffe on The Wandering Who

Introduction By Gilad Atzmon: Roy Ratcliffe is a non-sectarian anti-capitalist thinker. I have been  following Ratcliffe's impressive work for years. Ratcliffe reading of my work is  accurate. He certainly understands where I come from. Being involved with the UK PSC for years. Ratcliffe is also pretty familiar with the damage inflicted by the enemy within.

This book is sub-titled ‘A study of Jewish identity politics’, and this is exactly what methodically unfolds throughout the book. With refreshing honesty, Gilad Atzmon, traces his own progress, from birth in a Zionist family, through youthful enthusiasm for Israel, to eventual horror at its brutality. The latter perception arising when in the Israeli army he realised that the Palestinians he witnessed in a Lebanese ‘concentration camp’, were the equivalent of 1940’s Jews and that he and his army comrades were the post-war equivalent of Nazis.  From then on he progressively engaged with the struggle for Palestinian rights and critically with the state of Israel, Zionism and the concept of Jewish-ness. In the book he rejects the biological assertion of Jews as a race or that modern Jews can now be defined by adherence to the religion of Judaism. He, therefore, distinguishes three categories of those who say they are Jews: a) those who follow Judaism; b) those who regard themselves as human beings – who happen to be of Jewish birth; and c) those who put their Jewish-ness over all other traits.  It is the latter, 3rd category Jews, which he argues create the problem for Palestinians and others because those who assign themselves to this ‘political’ category, raise it over and above all others. He convincingly argues that what unites most Jews in the modern era is their ‘identification’ with a separatist, anti-assimilation, re-constructed ideology.  It is, he argues, an ideology of ‘Jewish-ness’.

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Rainlore: The Neo-Book Burners And 'The People Of The Book'

I normally steer clear of politics on this site as far as I can. That is not, after all, what this site is concerned with in the ordinary course of events. However, when an artist - in this case, an author - whose work has been reviewed on this site, and that author and his work become the subject of sustained smear campaigns and worse, then it is clearly every freedom-loving decent human being's duty to speak out. While we still have that precious freedom, that the very people who conduct these kinds of campaigns would so clearly and dearly like to take away from us.

The author and work we are concerned with here is that unique seeker of truth, freedom and beauty, and jazz phenomenon, Gilad Atzmon, and his latest book, The Wandering Who? - A Study of Jewish Identity Politics. (Reviewed on this site last month.) The sustained campaigns of puerile smears, distortions and outright lies by the would-be neo-book burners started weeks ago and show no signs of abating.

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Gilad Atzmon on The Kevin Barett's Truth Jihad Radio Show

On 28th September I was a guest on the Kevin Barrett’s radio show.  We spoke about everything: Israel, Palestine, freedom of speech, Islam, Judaism, Jewish identity, Zionism, Nazism vs. Zionism,  The Guardian and its 'new cult' , The Wandering Who, The Wondering me, the ‘left’, Jewish ‘anti’ Zionism and more.

Chating to Kevin is an inspiring event.

I  edited out the commercials and the music.

Enjoy yourself.

Book Launch: A Panel Discussion on 'Jewish Identity Politics'

Monday, 10th October, 2011, 7:30 pm

Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA

Zero Books invites you to a panel discussion on "Jewish Identity Politics" to launch Gilad Atzmon's important new book The Wandering Who.

For more info click here.


You can now order Gilad Atzmon's New Book on  or

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Prof. Brian Leiter: Mearsheimer Responds to the Latest Right-Wing Smears on Him...

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: The discrepancy of the general  quality between those who stood up for me in the last two weeks and those who used every tactics in the Stalinist book to silence me or my writing is staggering.  Amongst my supporters you'll find the greatest minds in academia, activism, journalism, art and beyond.  The list of my detractors is slightly embarrassing. It includes an ex-concentration camp guard Jeffrey GoldbergUK leading  Sayanim ring, one or two Bundists operators specialising in harassment campaigns and even one who thinks that he is Lenin.

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Kim Petersen: Into the Mentality of the Occupier/Oppressor

What is an intellectual? Some say it is the educated lot in the ivory towers of academia. Sure, many of those professors are intellectuals, but many of them are also challenged outside their field. Intellectuality is a concept that transcends university degrees.

So how to define an intellectual? An intellectual is someone who thinks beyond the strictures imposed by upbringing, education, societal norms, dominant media, etc. to arrive in agreement with other conclusions or to form one’s own conclusions. It is more than simply thinking outside a box or applying critical thinking to issues and challenges because intellectuality also demands honesty and integrity.

Gilad Atzmon is someone who encompasses what it means to be an intellectual. He is someone seemingly unbound by a specific group or milieu. Atzmon turned away from the Zionism of his father and the – what he calls — Nazism of his fellow Jews in Israel. Atzmon recalls the plight of captured Palestinian freedom fighters at the Ansar internment camp during his time in the Israeli military: “The place was a concentration camp. The inmates were the ‘Jews’, and I was nothing but a ‘Nazi’.” He has discarded the scoundrel’s refuge of patriotism. He has rejected what is morally anathema inculcation, propaganda, mendacious narrative, and supremacism of Jewish “culture.” Atzmon realizes that we all are human beings; we all possess 23 pairs of chromosomes.

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A Lingering What? by Paul Larudee

The Wandering Who? is brutally honest in its presentation, and if the reader is equally honest in the reading, her thinking will evolve in unexpected ways.

In the late 1970s, The Origin of Consciousness in the breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, a book by Princeton psychologist Julian Jaynes, gained minor celebrity for its original but controversial views concerning the evolution of the human brain/mind relationship. To this day, I don’t know how much of the thesis I accept, but it gave me a perspective that has now become a part of how I look at my fellow human beings on a daily basis.

Gilad Atzmon’s The Wandering Who? has had something of the same effect.  It is very original in its thinking, and even iconoclastic.  Even though there are very few readers who will agree entirely with everything Atzmon has to say, the effect is to question one’s assumptions and to recognize a new perspective. 


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Mearsheimer responds to Goldberg's latest smear

Gilad Atzmon: Dear friends, this may well be one of the greatest days of my life.

Just a few minutes ago, I saw this piece expressing unequivocal support from Professor John J.  Mearsheimer clearly one of the most distinguished scholars in our discourse and beyond.


For years I have been subjected to smear campaigns. I obviously survived them all because those who read me grasped the humanist intent in my work. In the following article, professor  Mearsheimer exposes the banality and crudeness of the Zionist tactics. He shows how Goldberg & Co forge sentences, take words out of context and attribute misleading meanings.

I am afraid to advise my detractors that I am not alone at all. The Tide Has Changed.

Ever since John Mearsheimer and I began writing about the Israel lobby, some of our critics have leveled various personal charges against us. These attacks rarely addressed the substance of what we wrote -- a tacit concession that both facts and logic were on our side -- but instead accused us of being anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists. They used these false charges to try to discredit and/or marginalize us, and to distract people from the important issues of U.S. Middle East policy that we had raised.

The latest example of this tactic is a recent blog post from Jeffrey Goldberg, where he accused my co-author of endorsing a book by an alleged Holocaust denier and Nazi sympathizer. Goldberg has well-established record of making things up about us, and this latest episode is consistent with his usual approach. I asked Professor Mearsheimer if he wanted to respond to Goldberg's sally, and he sent the following reply.

John Mearsheimer writes:

In a certain sense, it is hard not to be impressed by the energy and imagination that Jeffrey Goldberg devotes to smearing Steve Walt and me. Although he clearly disagrees with our views about U.S.-Israel relations and the role of the Israel lobby, he does not bother to engage what we actually wrote in any meaningful way. Indeed, given what he writes about us, I am not even sure he has read our book or related articles. Instead of challenging the arguments and evidence that we presented, his modus operandi is to misrepresent and distort our views, in a transparent attempt to portray us as rabid anti-Semites.

His latest effort along these lines comes in a recent blog post, where he seizes on a dust jacket blurb I wrote for a new book by Gilad Atzmon titled The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics. Here is what I said in my blurb:

Gilad Atzmon has written a fascinating and provocative book on Jewish identity in the modern world. He shows how assimilation and liberalism are making it increasingly difficult for Jews in the Diaspora to maintain a powerful sense of their 'Jewishness.' Panicked Jewish leaders, he argues, have turned to Zionism (blind loyalty to Israel) and scaremongering (the threat of another Holocaust) to keep the tribe united and distinct from the surrounding goyim. As Atzmon's own case demonstrates, this strategy is not working and is causing many Jews great anguish. The Wandering Who? should be widely read by Jews and non-Jews alike.

 The book, as my blurb makes clear, is an extended meditation on Jewish identity in the Diaspora and how it relates to the Holocaust, Israel, and Zionism. There is no question that the book is provocative, both in terms of its central argument and the overly hot language that Atzmon sometimes uses. But it is also filled with interesting insights that make the reader think long and hard about an important subject. Of course, I do not agree with everything that he says in the book -- what blurber does? -- but I found it thought provoking and likely to be of considerable interest to Jews and non-Jews, which is what I said in my brief comment.

Goldberg maintains that Atzmon is a categorically reprehensible person, and accuses him of being a Holocaust denier and an apologist for Hitler. These are two of the most devastating charges that can be leveled against anyone. According to Goldberg, the mere fact that I blurbed Atzmon's book is decisive evidence that I share Atzmon's supposedly odious views. This indictment of me is captured in the title of Goldberg's piece: "John Mearsheimer Endorses a Hitler Apologist and Holocaust Revisionist."

This charge is so ludicrous that it is hard to know where to start my response. But let me begin by noting that I have taught countless University of Chicago students over the years about the Holocaust and about Hitler's role in it. Nobody who has been in my classes would ever accuse me of being sympathetic to Holocaust deniers or making excuses for what Hitler did to European Jews. Not surprisingly, those loathsome charges have never been leveled against me until Goldberg did so last week.

Equally important, Gilad Atzmon is neither a Holocaust denier nor an apologist for Hitler. Consider the following excerpt from The Wandering Who?

As much as I was a sceptic youngster, I was also horrified by the Holocaust. In the 1970s Holocaust survivors were part of our social landscape. They were our neighbours, we met them in our family gatherings, in the classroom, in politics, in the corner shop. The dark numbers tattooed on their white arms never faded away. It always had a chilling effect. . . . It was actually the internalization of the meaning of the Holocaust that transformed me into a strong opponent of Israel and Jewish-ness. It is the Holocaust that eventually made me a devoted supporter of Palestinian rights, resistance and the Palestinian right of return" (pp. 185-186).

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Silvia Cattori Interviews Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon talks about his latest book “The Wandering Who?

Gilad Atzmon somehow manages to express his thoughts, ignoring any recognised taboos or restrictions. His style is innovative, fresh, and consistently well informed. We have read with great interest his latest book “The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity” (*). It is a very moving account that should be read by many.



Silvia Cattori: “The Wandering who?” — What stands behind this provocative title?

Gilad Atzmon: “The Wandering Who?” attempts to search for a deeper understanding of Jewish culture and Jewish identity politics. It is there to tackle some issues most of us prefer to avoid. Three years ago Israeli historian Shlomo Sand published his ground breaking work on Jewish history, thus dismantling the phantasmal Jewish historical narrative.

In my book, I attempt to take Sand’s quest one step further and elaborate on the problematic Jewish attitude towards history, the past , and temporality in general. Five years ago American academics Mearsheimer and Walt published an invaluable study on the Israeli Lobby in the United States [1]. I again try to pick up their research where they left off. I try to explain why lobbying is inherent to Jewish politics and culture.

Two decades ago, Israel Shahak published his crucially important study of the Talmud, and in my work, I want to extend his study, and grasp the deeply racist and anti-gentile attitude that is intrinsic to any form of Jewish secular identity politics, be it Zionism, Jewish socialism and even Jewish anti Zionism. In “The Wandering Who?” I try to shake every common perception of Jewish identity politics.

Silvia Cattori: “The Wandering Who?” is a very impressive testimony. It can not be ignored, including by your opponents. I think it can safely be said that no one before you has explained so frankly some of the thorniest aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Your analysis is important for anyone seeking to understand what certain groups want to hide, and why. It should lead people that are deliberately kept in the dark and in a state of confusion, to see things more clearly. This includes, of course, the so-called ‘progressive’ circles.

Gilad Atzmon: Thanks so much for your support and compliments.

Silvia Cattori: However, you are stepping into a minefield. One may also wonder whether you are exposing your thoughts and perspectives because, as an ex-Israeli, you feel shame.

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Goldberg vs. Mearsheimer by Gilad Atzmon

Professor John Mearsheimer is subject to a Zionist-trans-Atlantic-attack for supporting my latest book The Wandering Who

Earlier this year John Mearsheimer, the highly respected international relations theorist and Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago, wrote the following preliminary front matter for my book:

 ‘Gilad Atzmon has written a fascinating and provocative book on Jewish identity in the modern world. He shows how assimilation and liberalism are making it increasingly difficult for Jews in the Diaspora to maintain a powerful sense of their 'Jewishness.' Panicked Jewish leaders, he argues, have turned to Zionism (blind loyalty to Israel) and scaremongering (the threat of another Holocaust) to keep the tribe united and distinct from the surrounding goyim. As Atzmon’s own case demonstrates, this strategy is not working and is causing many Jews great anguish. The Wandering Who? should be widely read by Jews and non-Jews alike.’

It seems as if the Zio-cons on both sides of the pond are now in a state of panic -- In an obviously orchestrated attack, the  Zionist mouthpiece  The Jewish Chronicle of London,  the Islamophobic Award winning  ‘Harry’s Place’ and the ex-Israeli concentration camp guard Jeffrey Goldberg* , all launched a typical Hasbara smear & intimidation  campaign, in which they labeled both Professor Mearsheimer and myself anti Semites. I was also called a ‘neo Nazi’, a ‘Hitler apologist,’ a ‘Holocaust denier’ and a ‘hatemonger’.

To be honest, it is somewhat amusing that an ex concentration camp guard like Goldberg should label me a ‘Hitler apologist’ or a  ‘Holocaust denier’: after all, since Goldberg is an ardent pro-war Zionist who openly and enthusiastically supports a Jews-only, racist, expansionist state, it is clear that he is actually the one who is an advocate of a distinctly Nazi-like ideology and practice. 


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Eric Walberg: Atzmon on Jewishness- Jezebel’s legacy

Gilad Atzmon: I was recently interviewed by Eric Walberg for the prestigious Al Ahram Weekly. Walberg is an inspiring thinker. I learned a lot from him along this interview.

The Wandering Who? A study of Jewish identity politics, gives a unique insider’s view of the Israeli mind. Its author explains to Eric Walberg that you can take the girl out of Jezebel, but you can’t take the Jezebel out of the girl

Gilad Atzmon is a world citizen who calls London his home. He was born a sabra, and served as a paramedic in the Israeli Defense Forces during the 1982 Lebanon War, when he realised that “I was part of a colonial state, the result of plundering and ethnic cleansing.” He has wandered far since then, become a novelist, philosopher, one of the world’s best jazz saxophonists, and at the same time, one of the staunchest supporters of the Palestinian cause, supporting their right of return and the one-state solution. He now defines himself as a “proud self-hating Jew” and “a Hebrew-speaking Palestinian”. In 2009 Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan quoted Atzmon during a debate with Israeli president Shimon Peres, telling him at the World Economic Forum that “Israeli barbarity is far beyond even ordinary cruelty.”

Atzmon denies that there is even such a concept as “anti-Semitism”, stating that “‘anti-Semite” is an empty signifier. “You are either a racist which I am not, or have an ideological disagreement with Zionism, which I have.” When railed against as an anti-Semite, Gilad quotes the witticism: “While in the past an ‘anti-Semite’ was someone who hates Jews, nowadays it is the other way around, an anti-Semite is someone the Jews hate.”

One of his Orient House Ensemble’s nine albums, appropriately called “Exile”, with its arresting blend of Middle Eastern and Western themes, was BBC jazz album of the year in 2003. His fascination with Arab music was a natural development out of his embrace of the Palestinian cause. Arab music “must be internalised, reverting to the primacy of the ear”.

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London JC launched an attack on Prof' John Mearsheimer


Gilad Atzmon: I occasionally read the London JC: it provides  a glimpse into Zionist paranoia, and it also depicts a true image of the ‘Nuevo Ghetto’ mentality.

Today, a week ahead of the publication of my new book The Wandering Who, the JC seems to be desperate to mount pressure on Professor John Mearsheimer, the highly respected academic who warmly endorsed my book.

It is apparent that the JC is yet to realise the length of the list of prominent scholars, writers and activists who support and endorse my new book.

In the article below, the JC prints a collection of quotes from the book that are supposed to be both embarrassing and contentious (I made them bold).  Needless to mention, I am standing firmly behind all of my quotes, and each of my words

However, being the amateurish outlet that it is, the JC has made at least two mistakes:

1. I am not an ‘anti-Semite’. I am actually a firm opponent of any form of racism whatsoever -- and this includes questioning and challenging every possible appearance of Jewish political and ideological exclusivity and collectivism in the same manner that I would criticise any other manifestation or form of ethnic prejudice.

2. The book is not published by “The Susjin Agency” as the JC suggests but by Zero Books.

The JC article:

Mearsheimer backs book by antisemite By Jessica Elgot

A US academic who co-wrote a controversial book about the Israel lobby has praised a new work by the Jewish antisemitic writer Gilad Atzmon.


Mr Atzmon, a jazz musician and vociferous critic of Israel and Judaism, has written a book called The Wandering Who? published by The Susjin Agency.

The book was recommended on the publisher's website by University of Chicago professor, John Mearsheimer, an international relations expert and co-author, with Stephen Walt, of The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy.

In his book, Mr Atzmon writes: "The Holocaust religion is probably as old as the Jews themselves. I believe the Holocaust is engraved in Jewish culture, discourse and spirit."

Elsewhere, he writes: "I think 65 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, we must be entitled to start asking questions."

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Rainlore's World of Music: The Wandering Who-Book review


Gilad Atzmon: It seems as if some Jews really like my new book. I may even manage to get the necessary message across. However, the man behind Rainlore World Of Music is a pretty unique character. I hope Harry's Place & Co are not going to terrorise him for being honest.


Literary Review: Gilad Atzmon - The Wandering Who? - A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics

A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics

zero books, 2011

ISBN-10: 1846948754

ISBN-13: 978-1846948756

 Gilad Atzmon is a man on what could be described as a holy quest: he is a true seeker of truth, beauty and freedom. This is, and always has been, a dangerous path to tread. But Atzmon is a genuinely courageous man, far beyond mere chutzpah, and even if for nothing else you have to admire, even envy him for this. The Wandering Who? is his latest endeavour to share this search for truth and freedom.

It is published by zero books on 4th October, 2011 and should be widely available through book stores and online sources such as Amazon.

“Liberty, if it means anything, is the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.” This is the boldly stated 'mission statement' emblazoned on the racist 'Harry's Place' web page. And yet, with Atzmon's book not even available for several weeks yet, it was the same 'Harry's Place' that was at the forefront of a campaign against both author and work! The publishers, Zero Books, the editors, and Atzmon himself have already been, to quote the author, 'subjected to immense and intense pressure that included harassment, intimidation, and even anonymous threats, as the demands mounted on my publisher to pull the book.'

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