Closing the summer with a Bird/Trane Tribute

Gilad Atzmon

A celebration of  two of the most important jazz musicians of all time – John Coltrane and Charlie Parker at the Vortex Jazz Club. London. 

31 Aug-1 Sept

Vortex Jazz Club
11 Gillett Square
London, N16 8AZ

Fri 31 August 8pm,  The Spirit of Trane

“It feels as if The Spirit of Trane, an emotional tribute to a master, comes closest to connecting the turbulent Gilad Atzmon’s heart and mind. ****” (John Fordham, Guardian)

Sat 1 September, 8pm Thinking Bird


On this second night, we can hear Gilad Atzmon play the music of the be-bop saxophone god, Charlie Parker. His uncanny ability to understand, replicate and build on the heritage of the two most influential saxophonists makes both nights a ‘must see’.