About anti Semitism by Nahida the Exiled Palestinian

Here are just a few lines from Nahida's  deconstruction of  'Anti Semitism':


.........This occupying entity called “Israel” (a word that I myself detest to even pronounce and generally avoid to use) is not a theoretical being, nor does it operate in a vacuum; it’s neither an abstract concept nor a conjectural void

It’s an entity run by PEOPLE

PEOPLE who make decisions,

PEOPLE who elect politicians

PEOPLE who ALL serve in a barbarian army

PEOPLE who foster racist beliefs, attitudes and actions

PEOPLE who invaded others’ land, dispossessed them, and forcibly occupied it

PEOPLE who imprison children and shoot babies hearts

PEOPLE who destroy world heritage

PEOPLE who steal water, land, sea and sky

PEOPLE who kill hope, life, beauty and smiles

PEOPLE who build their colonies on the blood and ruins of another people

It is an entity of PEOPLE, 94% of whom voted for the attack on Gaza

It is an entity of PEOPLE, 71% of whom want U.S. to strike Iran

It is an entity of PEOPLE who violated and assaulted ALL neighbouring countries
It is an entity of PEOPLE who live on a STOLEN land for over six decades, with no signs of shame, remorse, awakening of conscience, or willingness to neither admit nor right the wrongs they’ve committed


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Cartoon by Latuff