AZZ in our midst..


Introduction by GA: As it seems Klezmer Nick Cooper didn't give up on his attempts to jeopardise my performance/talk in Houston tomorrow night. Being a spectacular multi-talentless, he obviously failed. But he managed to do one thing; he  provided all the necessary evidence to prove my argument re the corrosive nature of Anti Zionist Zionists correct. I will use this opportunity to thank Cooper.

Following is a message from event organiser Bob Carter of Justice for Palestinians:

Greetings all,
     To discourage attendance, opponents of the Gilad Atzmon performance requested permission of the (Huston Texas) Unitarian Fellowship to leaflet arrivals before the show. You can imagine what what the contents would have been on the leaflets, but it certainly would not have been complimentary of Mr. Atzmon. I never thought they would go to this extreme. In response, the church cancelled the event altogether. Maybe it is all for the best.

     Fortunately we have a new and perhaps a better venue and we hope to see you there.

 WHERE: Café Layal-6328 Richmond Ave. HOUSTON, 77057
              (Between Hillcroft and Fountainview)
 WHEN: Wed. Sept. 17,  7:30 PM

       His great trio will play a tune at the beginning and then he will speak followed by some great accessible jazz. Get there early as seating is limited.
                                          More about Gilad Atzmon
  As a young man, Atzmon served in the Israeli Army but has become a fierce opponent of Israel's 66 years of repressive policies toward Palestine and is an advocate of the right of return for all Palestinians. His wildest dream is that Palestinians and Jews could live together side by side in harmony.
       In my opinion Gilad Atzmon plumbs deep in truth with compassion to the root causes of Israel's brutality. Being an international figure with considerable influence who challenges our political correctness is unduly chastised and targeted. There are those who would try to silence him, but in a free society I think his voice needs to be heard. He needs our moral and financial support. His book The Wandering Who? and his CDs will be on sale.
      As a musician, Atzmon's mentor is the Great Jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker. John Coltrane has also influenced his playing.
     "The best musician living in the world today." Robert Wyatt  
His website is  
     Hope to see you at the performance to hear this marvelous musician who courageously speaks truth to power. Come and judge for yourself.