Gilad Atzmon: John Galliano Must Be A Zionist

צילום: רויטרסLast Weekend the British press was very quick to tag John Galliano, one of the world’s leading fashion designers and Christian Dior’s chief designer, as a vile ‘anti Semite’.

The British and American  press reported that, in a Parisian bar, Galliano told a woman, whom he thought to be Jewish, that he ‘loves Hitler’ and that her parents should have been ‘gassed’. When the woman asked him ‘where are you from?’ Galliano replied: ‘Your ****hole’. I guess that Galliano referred to one of the woman’s orifices (probably the rectum, though I am not sure) rather than any Jewish sacred location around the world. The press also reported that Galliano unleashed some anti-Asian hate language towards a man in the bar, apparently the woman’s boyfriend.

I think that the conclusion is obvious. Galliano is not an ‘anti Semite’, he probably hates everyone equally at least as much as he loves himself. In case someone fails to see it, Galliano is actually a typical Zionist.  This is what Zionists are, they hate everyone equally, as much as they love themselves. They repel gentiles, the Germans, the Russians, the Poles, the Arabs the Muslims, The Palestinians, the Christians. You name it, they hate it. But at the same time they really love themselves. Galliano is an ordinary bigot, this is probably why the Zionists hate him so much. He reminds them of themselves.

Our press outlets reported also that Sidney Toledano, Christian Dior’s Chief Executive, suspended Galliano immediately.  For some reason, not a single press outlet except the Jewish Chronicle was kind enough to share with us the fact that Sidney Toledano was actually the bearer of the ancient Jewish Sepharadi Toledano family.

When I initially read about the Parisian bar ‘anti Semitic incident’ I was expecting Galliano to be a pretty scary skin head, I envisaged murderous eyes, Nazi tattoos, a baseball bat and a leather jacket.   But then a video of the event came out.  And I just couldn’t stop myself laughing.


In the video Galliano seems to be an eccentric fragile sparrow. He is certainly drunk and lonely. He is harassed by more than just one giggling woman who seems to be having a good time on his expense.  Unlike the so-called ‘deniers’ who question the gas chamber narrative, Galliano actually affirms it all.  I guess that some people happen to love Hitler when intoxicated.  I can certainly think of many others who worship Blair, Netanyahu or Stalin when sober. They are far more dangerous as far as I am concerned.