If You Think You Had Enough of Jewish Left Just Follow This Story…

Reported by Gilad Atzmon

Natali Cohen Vaxberg, Israel’s leading kaka artist, Faces Charges After Pooping on the Israeli Flag

NBC reports today that “A left-wing artist who posted a video of herself defecating on an Israeli flag to protest the country’s treatment of Palestinians appeared in court on Monday facing charges of desecrating a national symbol.”  In fact this uniquely revolting young woman spread her crap on the flags of every possible country. As we know, cosmopolitan Jews do not approve of national belonging. The video entitled “S*** instead of blood” was posted on Natali Cohen Vaxberg’s Facebook page on July 18 - and provoked outrage in Israel.

Vaxburg provides a devastating picture of Jewish cosmopolitanism as well as a glimpse into the clear chasm between Jewish Left ‘art’ and any notion of beauty. Her act of disrespect without apparent principle against nations and their symbols may give a hint of the inspiration behind the murderous inclinations that made Bolshevik Jews into “Stalin’s willing murderers” .  It also reflects the spirit that made the Yiddish speaking International Brigade in Spain into an anti Catholic genocidial battalion. The only positive aspect of this gross clip is that it provides us an opportunity to witness where the current genitalia oriented solidarity movement (Queer International, LGBT for Palestine  etc’) is leading. A lot of ‘Poopoo Art’ ahead I guess. 

If you are brave enough you can watch this gross cosmopolitan art  here.