In Manhattan Tonight, NJ Tomorrow, Baltimore on Sunday

Tonight, September 26       NYC, NY    


Gilad Atzmon Quartet in NYC @ZEB’S

223 West 28th st.#2 New York, NY 10001

Gilad Atzmon is coming from London for a unique session at Zeb’s studio, Manhattan, NYC.
You will be experiencing Gilad’s collaboration with three of NYC’s finest musicians: Ben Meigners on upright bass, Jason Brown on the drums and Saul Rubin on Guitar.

Sets at 8pm and 10pm Book now:

Tomorrow, September 27       New Jersey    

Gilad Atzmon and Amina Figarova

New, interesting development of artistic dialogue between NYC based pianist Amina Figarova, originally from Azerbaijan, and saxophone player Gilad Atzmon began a few years ago in Luxembourg leading to concert tours in the UK and the US. The duo performs jazz standards as well as original compositions in musical exploration. No grandstanding, no coasting - just two masterful musicians playing together.


September 28    Sunday    Baltimore, MD

Gilad Atzmon with Amina Figarova

They will perform jazz standards, as well as original compositions from Gilad and Amina, exploring all the side roads but never losing track of the final destination. No grandstanding, no coasting — just two masterful musicians playing together and taking the listener along for the ride.

Watch Gilad and Amina on You Tube:


September 29    Monday    NYC, NY

18 West 18th St., Between 5th & 6th Avenues, 6th Floor, Room 606, NYC

“The Biology of the Conflict: the Building of the Cognitive Elite Meritocracy Within the Jewish Ghetto, American Society, and Gaza”.

RSVP strongly recommended: Phone: 212.879.3961