Jewish Identity Politics' Panel Discussion Q&A

Jewish Identity Politics' Panel Discussion was followed by a very interesting Q&A session.  We discussed the following: Anti Semitism, Jews and the Left, Kosher vs. Progressive, Jesus vs. Marx,  identity vs. identification and more...

Pt 6-What is so unique about anti Semitism? Left and Judaism,  the role of the Internet, Jewish ideology as a form of supremacy.

Pt 7-What is anti Semitism, self love vs self hatred..

Pt 8-A young Jewish woman is feels shame to be with in the same room. Elaborating on issues to do with the role of Jews within  the Palestinian Solidarity Movement.

Pt 9-discussing the level of ignorance to do with the relevant discourse, cultural differences, identity vs. identification, Kosher vs. progressive-Jews and the left, Jesus and Marx.

Pt 10-final words.


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