Music and Tones Rise for Gaza By Lauren Booth

alt Until now, it' been a real source of  pride amongst Israel's support network that big name musicians have felt 'safe' to appear at Zionist fund raisers. Even whilst Israel commits ever more stomach churning war crimes in Palestine and -as we saw in May with the attack on the Freedom Flotilla - in international waters. 

Aappearing at events  to raise issues related to justice in Palestine was seen as a sure fire way of artists being branded  anti semitic- leading to (so artists were lead to believe) falls in record sales and trouble s booking tour venues.  But, as Gilad Atzmon has aptly named his latest CD ' the tide has changed.'

The Palestine issue is now 'hot' and for the first time, this coming week, a music festival featuring forty world class musicians and bands is taking place in London to send this message far and wide.

JAZZA Fesitval is at the SCALA, London on 12th/13th October,  marks the official launch not only of the much anticipated Robert Wyatt/Atzmon/Ros Stephen album.It brings together for the first time artists from the worlds of jazza, funk, folk and hip hop - for Palestine.

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