The Final Stage of Chosen Narcissism

The Polish new history law is an attempt to humanise modern European history. It universalises suffering. It strips the Jews of their blind sense of victimhood. It makes WWII into an historical event subject to open scrutiny. It doesn’t deny the past. It, instead, denies the prospect of Jewish narcissism.

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Jazz Views - Gilad Atzmon Playlist

Perhaps best known as an alto player, it may surprise some that the tenor was the first saxophone that he picked up and that was Coltrane who was his inspiration to do so. Fifty years on since Trane's passing, Atzmon releases The Spirit Of Trane, his own very personal dedication to the tenor saxophonist whose work continues to inspire countless musicians all over the globe.

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Patrick Henningsen, catches up with Gilad Atzmon,

This 21st Century program appeared yesterday.  We spoke about Jewish Power and Jewish progressive spin in particular.  We elaborated on the role of beauty and art and politicians impotence in that regard. 


The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics  and Sabbath Goyim's spin in particular  or