Rabbi Lerner Watch Your Language

By Gilad Atzmon

Can you imagine the Archbishop of Canterbury using the word ‘asshole?’ Can you imagine a supreme Islamic cleric referring to an intellectual in this manner? Rabbi Michael Lerner, the man who used Muhammad Ali’s funeral as a Jewish propaganda podium, wrote to me yesterday: 

“Wake up, asshole--you are spreading lies and deceit about me.”

The ‘progressive’ rabbi describes me as that place where the sun never shines.  I asked the Rabbi for permission to reprint his entire e mail to me but for the obvious reason the rabbi who claims to ‘represent American Jews’ kept silent. 

In my article ‘Rabbi Lerner - Master of Compassion or Master of Deceit?’ I exposed Rabbi Lerner as a con artist. I quoted Rabbi Lerner accurately and in context. 

In his email to me, Rabbi Lerner confirmed that he had consciously tried to deceive the American people. 

The Rabbi wrote: “I dared raise the issue of Palestinian freedom from Israeli oppression, the first time millions of Americans who don't hang out with the Left have ever heard a rabbi challenge Israeli policies.”

Why is it that American people don’t hear rabbis supporting Palestinian freedom or universal human rights?  Because Rabbis don’t support Palestinian freedom. Rabbis do care about one thing: the rights of their chosen tribe. It’s odd, the Rabbi who claimed to “represent American Jews” admitted in his e-mail that the message he delivered at Muhammad Ali’s funeral contradicts what most rabbis believe. The Rabbi was deliberately misrepresenting American Jews. He stood before the nation and lied about Jews, Judaism and Jewishness. I guess that in the Rabbi’s eyes, lying for the cause is a kosher procedure. 

I believe that Rabbi Michael Lerner is a precious human being. He is the ultimate epitome of the Jewish solidarity spin. He provides us a definitive glimpse into the Jewish controlled opposition. 

I want to believe that by now most intelligent people are aware of Israeli criminality and the domination by the Jewish oligarchy of Western political lobbying, finance and media. The so-called ‘progressive’ rabbi serves the function of portraying the image of a ‘good Jew.’ His calling is to divert attention from the real problems.

If the Rabbi really wants to perform genuine good deeds, he should first learn to watch his lingo but more importantly he must make a serious and genuine attempt to tell the truth. Instead of diverting attention from the ‘J’ word, he should address publicly what Jewishness and Judaism mean for most Jews.